Spotify, iTunes Store & other digital outlets

We've been getting some emails lately asking about why our albums have begun disappearing from Spotify.

Please rest assured, this is only temporary.

It's really down to a few changes we've made with our label and digital distribution partners. Recently Anubis has made the decision to leave the Bird's Robe Records label, and begin representing ourselves independent of any label. This is NOT due to any problem with Bird's Robe, in fact we still have a good relationship with Mike at Bird's Robe, and are friends and fans of many of the bands still remaining on the label. We simply felt that the current interests and trajectory of the band was best served by a more independent approach.

This has meant though, that we've had to withdraw our catalogue from Bird's Robe and their digital distribution partners, and move the catalogue to our new distributors, who will have our catalogue back up and available on Spotify very soon.

This issue will also affect the availability of our albums on the iTunes Store as well as a few other digital outlets, but as with Spotify, this will only be temporary.

For some of you who have purchased our music on the iTunes Store, and have not stored the files locally, this may mean that you will lose your copies of our albums. If anyone is affected by this, please let us know by emailing