Gear corner (part 1)

We were recently asked in an interview about the gear we use in Anubis, how we choose our equipment and whether we had modified our instruments in any way to get our sound.
Given that at least a few of us in the band are completely nuts about musical gear (I mean proper bonkers), this was a really great question to be asked, but given the amount of gear we each have (and how many mods have been done) it really was way too much to even begin to answer adequately in an interview.
So with that in mind, and because Dave keeps telling me I should do a style “rig rundown” I thought I might begin an ongoing series of blog posts on the gear we use in the studio and at our shows.
WARNING: For the well adjusted amongst you i.e. those of you who aren't obsessed with guitars and amplifiers and other musical gear; there is nothing to see here.
Since we’re less than two weeks away from our first shows outside of Aus, I thought I’d start off with the guitar I’ll be using for the Euro tour: my Squier Strat.

Specifically, it’s a Squier Vintage Modified ‘70s Stratocaster. It was bought for me by Dave for my birthday last year (you’ll notice as I get further through this series that being “a gift from Dave” is a recurring theme, generous lad that he is) as I was making plans for modifying a guitar specifically to take on an overseas tour.
Since then it’s had the pickups replaced with Dimarzio Area 61’s in the neck and middle position, and an Area 67 in the bridge. I chose these since I don’t have any other Strat with noiseless pickups, and thought it might be handy to have one. Though I’m not as fond of the Dimarzio’s as I am of my traditional single coil equipped Strats, I’ve still been quite happy with them in rehearsal.
Other mods include swapping the stock alloy bridge block for a solid steel one, and the installation of an EMG SPC presence control into the second tone control. This is so the mids can be boosted for humbucker like tones as there’s a few tracks from the “Hitchhiking” album that I used a Les Paul on. The SPC circuit can be turned on and off with the added toggle switch. 
I’ve also swapped the 5-way pickup selector switch for a 3-way which allows for selection of either the bridge pickup, bridge & middle, or neck pickup - I never use the middle on it’s own or the neck and middle together and a 3-way switch makes it easier to get the pickup combinations I do use.
It's all topped off with a new graphtech nut and a set of Gotoh vintage style locking tuners. 
Unlike most of the other guitars you'll read about here, this particular one hasn't been used on any Anubis recordings yet but of course since this one was specifically bought and modded for touring, if you're coming along to one of the upcoming European shows, you'll see this one in action very soon.
If you've managed to read this far, consider yourself a poorly adjusted human being like the rest of us gear heads. I'll find some more gear to write about soon for you.


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