Gear corner (part 2)

For this edition of the "gear corner" series of blog posts, I thought I'd take a look at my no.1, go-to guitar, named "Becky" after my lovely wife, who gave me this guitar as a gift, but more often referred to (in the style of Clapton's guitar naming) simply as "Blondie".
"Blondie" is a 2009 model American Vintage '57 Strat, finished in a semi-rare transparent blonde finish over an ash body (most Strats are alder bodied).

The neck and bridge pickups have been swapped out for a Fender Custom Shop Fat '50s (neck) and a Seymour Duncan Antiquity Texas Hot Custom for Strat (bridge). The middle pickup is still the stock Fender 57/62 model. The stock 5-way switch has also been changed for a 3-way, but wired slightly differently to a standard 3-way; the switch selects between the bridge pickup, bridge and middle together, or the neck pickup. I find this wiring much easier to use, especially in a live situation as I don't ever use the other two pickup combinations available on a 5-way switch, and a 3-way switch makes it easier to see at a glance which position you're in, and harder to knock accidentally into the wrong position.
The tuners have been swapped out for a set of Gotoh vintage style locking tuners, and the string saddles have been swapped for Fender '56 reissue saddles as these have a longer string slot, allowing for one less friction point on the strings when using the trem. Speaking of which, I also use a Gilmour style shortened trem arm with this guitar, and all my Strats. Being a big Gilmour fan, I tried his preferred trem arm length a few years ago and now can't go back to the standard length as the shorter arm really does sit in a better position for the right hand.

As mentioned earlier, this is my go-to guitar, and has been for a few years now. It was used on most of the tracks on the "Hitchhiking" album and indeed all of the tracks on "Behind Our Eyes" except for "Partitionists".
Thanks again to all the maladjusted gear heads out the for indulging my love of talking about guitars once again.  Let me know if there's any particular bit of gear you'd like me to have a detailed look at for next time.

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