Gear Corner (Part 6)

For this edition of the gear corner posts, we're taking a look at Doug's main axes with a description of each from Doug himself........

Line 6 Variax JTV-89
Pickups: Seymour Duncan Custom 5 SH-14

Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates SH-PG1


The Line 6 Variax is an unusual beast guitar collectors abound probably shake at the claim that the "guitar that can do them all" suggestions that Line 6 themselves make. This guitar does to a particular degree hold true to its claims but it has served primarily as the "live guitar that can do them all" instead for me.  In Anubis we use a wide variety of guitar textures and having them reasonably easy to access is a real plus in the stage environment especially when it comes to modelling acoustic instruments and 12 string electrics. I took the initiative of replacing the stock pickups as they were a match made in hell (the world's fizziest highest gain bridge pickup and most dull gainless neck pickup in tandom) with a beautiful pair of Seymour Duncans and this guitar is now tone city and an absolute breeze to play. For those who managed to catch Anubis on our 2015 'Hitchhiking Across Europe Tour', this was the one and only guitar I used; the workhorse.

Featured Anubis Songs with This Guitar:

A Room with a View


Tightening of the Screws


Caparison Horus

Pickups: Seymour Duncan Full Shred SH-10B

Seymour Duncan Hot Rails SHR-1


This was the first guitar I ever saved up to buy with my own money. I really started to take the idea of playing guitar in a band seriously around 2006 and I was lucky to get this and it has been an inspirational piece of gear ever since. Although for the large majority of the time I had the guitar I kept with the stock pickups (medium gain and not too shabby), I swapped them out for the Duncans recently and this axe just sings now. With the floating bridge, it never ceases to steer me into exploratory melodic territory and coming up with powerful and yearning lines which I consider to have been my best contributions to Anubis.


Featured Anubis Songs with This Guitar:

The Collapse

Disinfected and Abused

All That Is...


Ibanez RG7321

Pickups: Seymour Duncan Nazgul

Seymour Duncan Sentient


Anubis by no means is a Progressive Metal band and 7 strings in this day and age are most associated with metal in general, however I believe this extended range guitar does fit the brief when it comes to filling in some lower meat in our arrangements. It seems like a natural alignment with David's Taurus pedal writing to at least able to go down to the low C. This is perhaps one of the most entry level 7 strings that Ibanez put out but it has been a dependable go to guitar for a lot of recording for both Anubis and my other band Hemina. The stock pickups while acceptable have been replaced with a Seymour Duncan Nazgul and Sentient set for syrupy lead tones and exemplary string articulation in leads and distorted chords. Behold, the Electric Tuba.


Featured Anubis Songs with This Guitar:

The Passing Bell

This Final Resting Place

And Now I Wait for My World to End


Fender  Mexican Stratocaster

Pickups: Fender Classic Series '50s


What could be more archetypal a guitar sound than a Strat. This guitar has low output pickups and is the shoe in for the strat sound which the Variax does not even truly capture. For what it is, it does its thing very well. I've used a selection of Dean and David's Strats in the past and I have one of my own for when duty calls. I've put the guitar to good use in some funkier songs and I'm interested to see what spank will be added to Album 4.


Featured Anubis Songs with This Guitar:


Blood is Thicker than Common Sense

Silent Wandering Ghosts

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