Gear Corner (Part 7)

We're taking a quick look at Steve's drums today. 

The drum kit pictured above has been Steves kit of choice since 2012. It's a Gretsch Catalina Maple kit consisting of;

* 8", 10" & 12" rack toms
* 14" & 16" floor toms
* 14" x 5" Gretsch Broadway (chrome over steel) Snare

Steve's choice of cymbals consists of the following;

* 15"/38cm Sabian AAX studio crash
* 16"/40cm Zildjian Z series custom medium crash
* 18"/45cm Zildjian Z series custom medium crash
* 20"/51cm Zildjan Z series power ride
 * 18"/45cm Sabian PRO "Chinese" 

Since it's only been in use since 2012, the Gretsch kit has only made its way onto one Anubis recording, the live album "Behind Our Eyes", but Steve is definitely planning to record the next studio album with it. Previously, Steve used a Yamaha Stage Custom kit......

The Yamaha kit consisted of 8", 10", 12" & 13" rack toms with a 16" floor tom. It was used with either a 14" x 4" Yamaha Stage Custom snare or 13" x 3" Mapex piccolo snare and Sabian Pro cymbals. This was the kit that was used to record both the "230503" and "Tower" albums. 

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