Behind our Eyes


Released 30th April 2015

Robert James Moulding
Vocal, Bass Guitar, Guitar, Percussion and additional Keyboards, Sound Effects

David Eaton
Keyboards, Guitars, Harmonies, Sound Effects

Steven Eaton
Drums, Percussion, Hamonies

Douglas Skene
Guitar, Harmonies

Dean Bennison
Guitar, Harmonies

Anthony Stewart
Bass Guitar, Vocals

Produced and Mixed by Dean Bennison and Anubis

Mastered by Douglas Skene

When Anubis was offered the opportunity to tour Europe in 2015, it threw up a few issues as the cost of touring looked to be genuinely prohibitive. The band toyed with ideas to help raise the additional funds without having to crowdfund the tour entirely. By 2014, having been joined by Anthony Stewart on bass the previous year, the band had developed a polished show and were giving consistently strong live performances, playing shows that that had ranged from small club shows to less than 100 people to a pair of shows at Sydney's Metro theatre to over 1200 people each night. By early 2015, Anubis had a number of these performances recorded that could be edited down to make a cohesive live recording of the band that captured the energy and atmosphere of the 2014 shows.

Other than some minor studio repairs, the album presents the material entirely as was performed at the time. As a band who do not play with backing tracks, Anubis' performance tends to vary from show to show, with some songs stretching out far beyond their studio counterpart in either atmosphere, length or dynamic, with Hitchhiking to Byzantium's closer, Silent Wandering Ghosts stretching out to particularly epic proportions with a powerful guitar solo that the original LP version only hints at.

Behind Our Eyes (Live, 2014)


2014 marked our tenth year as a group, turned out to be tremendously exciting as we headed out for the first time with the current band, with Anton making his presence very much felt.

Shows ranged from a packed out Metro Theatre in Sydney playing to some 1200 people to an intimate club show in our adopted hometown in front of 100 people, most of whom we probably knew by name. All the shows shared the same powerful atmosphere and a selection of material from all three Anubis studio records, with the newer material from 'Hitchhiking to Byzantium' more than holding its own against the older material in the set.

This album was compiled and released in order to help fund the band's 2015 European tour. As ever our thanks go to all those who enable, promote and consume what we do.
We're still humbled by the appreciation for our work and the demand our fans around the world have made for this CD release. We love you all.
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