Released 10th March 2020

Robert James Moulding
Vocal, Guitar, Percussion and additional Keyboards, Sound Effects

David Eaton
Keyboards, Guitars, Harmonies, Sound Effects

Steven Eaton
Drums, Percussion, Hamonies

Douglas Skene
Guitar, Harmonies

Dean Bennison
Guitar, Harmonies

Anthony Stewart
Bass, Harmonies


Jade Hall
Additional Vocals on ‘Gone’

Produced and Mixed by Dean Bennison
Assisted by Anubis

Mastered by Douglas Skene

Anubis' 6th studio album ‘Homeless’ appeared as the world appeared to lurch from one crisis to another. Rudderless leadership, hyperpartisanship, social media algorithms, climate crisis, culture wars, unfettered capitalism, nationalism and protectionism had lead the world to breaking point. From the Guy Debord influenced opener, ‘Reflective’ through to the string-lead requiem for the loss of idealism and empathy, ‘Gone’; ‘Homeless’ paints a very bleak picture of the consequences of not embracing each other as equals. 

At the end of the album's mixing, the message grew chillingly prophetic as Australia entered one of the worst bushfire crisis since white settlement, followed by devastating floods. Then, ten days after release, the then emerging Covid-19 pandemic threw Australia and the rest of the world into lockdown. Momentum for the band stalled, cancelling a year of touring and killing the most ambitious show the band had yet attempted.

The album, despite the backdrop, entered the Australian independent chart at No.4, and is critically acclaimed for it's powerful lyrics, accessible music and production.