Vinyl Delays

Hi Everyone, 
In a week full of disappointments, we have to let you all know that there will be another delay in fulfilling all orders of the vinyl edition of "Homeless" 

Of course the delay has been caused by difficulties in obtaining the printed sleeves due to the coronavirus. The scale of this issue and it's disruption to supply chains and logistics could not be foreseen, though we do offer our most sincere apologies to everyone waiting for their order. 

At this stage our best guess is that we will be able to ship all vinyl orders somewhere around early to mid-April. We know we've been here before, and we're sorry for the second delay. We want to be clear, this estimate is our best guess based on the information we have right now, though the situation may change as the COVID19 issue and it's impacts progresses. 

If there is anyone who has any issues, please feel free to email us at 

In the meantime, please stay healthy, and remember to be kind to each other. 

Steve, Anton, Rob, Dave, Dean & Doug