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New Studio Album - Homeless

Can we find our way back home?

Australian Progressive Rock band Anubis are excited to announce the upcoming release of their sixth studio album, Homeless, which is to be released worldwide on March 10th, 2020.

Homeless is written from an individual's perception of their world as it exists in 2020. From the ever-increasing reliance on technology to the increase in inequality and poverty. From rampant populism to the crumbling environment in which we live; from the vacuous 'thoughts and prayers' from the leaders elected to enact change in people's lives to the individual's never-ending quest for enlightenment, empathy and heart.

Eschewing the narrative approach of its predecessor, The Second HandHomeless finds the band in new musical territory whilst taking cues from the group's emotive third album, Hitchhiking to Byzantium.

Homeless is also first Anubis album to be released in the vinyl LP format, having been specifically written for it - featuring as it does two continuous sides of music over nine seperate songs.

The album will also be released in the CD format and both formats feature a gatefold sleeve by the band's longtime art director, Tim Neill.

The new album is available to order on all formats from here.

The first release from the album is the single Home, which is released on December 10th 2019.

It can be downloaded from iTunes, or from our store. It can also be streamed right now from all your favourite streaming platforms.