Eclipsed magazine reviews Prog the Castle

German rock magazine "Eclipsed" has recently printed their review of "Prog the Castle" in their June 2015 edition.

Of course the review is written in German, but a rough English translation is below.

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"The unwieldy climb of 400 or so steps to the picturesque Heidelberg castle is worthwhile because of the breathtaking scenery alone.
The atmosphere created by the old walls, as you cross the bridge in the direction of King's Hall is impressive, but so is the magnificent Hall. 
In these surroundings the 2-day 'Prog The Castle'-Festival took place for the first time, and featured ten Bands from six countries.
The T-Shirts of the arriving Spectators Highlights the diversity of the Line-Up which the Organizers chose with passion.

Effloresce opens the Festival with their exciting mix of Prog and Death Metal. Singer Nicki's growls and her angelic singing are equally convincing the not yet counterbalanced sound less so.

Next band up is Crystal Palace from Berlin ,whose mix of crisp-melodic rock and Neoprog brings the audience bit by bit into the right mood.

Following Band 'Traumhaus' is suits the King's Hall perfectly. The progressive sounds and the philosophical texts of Alexander Weyland floats around the Venue. In the middle of the Longtrack' Das Vermächtnis' the sudden absence of the stage sound forces Weyland to a break, however, he begins after the quick removal of the breakdown masterfully to the second part.

'Anvision' from Poland are next up, performing their first concert outside of their native Country.
Nevertheless, the professionalism tof the Band is astonishing: Their Progmetal is right in time and sound is technically brilliant, the compositions diverse, the singer Marek Ostrowski who reminds visually of AC / DC-Shouter Brian Johnson, is a born Frontmann who controls the rejoicing Prog fans in the twinkle of an eye.

The second climax of the evening brings 'RPWL' to the stage which enter at 0.15am the stage and play a Greatest hit set which is treceived enthusiastically by the audience .The floydian Sounds by guitarist Kalle Wallner and Keyboarder Markus Jehle fills the hall.

Opener of the second Festival-Day is the german Canterbury-Prog formation 'Argos' which sets the standard immediately with a technically experienced and tonally well-balanced set. 

Second Band of the evening is 'Neverdream' from Rome, are also technically good, but don't quite seem to captivate the audience nontheless their set received warm applause.

The British Neo-Progger' Also Eden' are received enthusiatically and put on a great performance featuring some wonderful guitar solos.

'Elora' appear next. Their strong points are oriental folky influences and the duets. However, the music still remains mostly strangely weak.

A complete contrast with the final Band 'Anubis': The Australians rock straight into their first European gig , driven by the bands excellent guitarists Douglas Skene and Dean Bennison.
Singer Robert James Moulding sings deeply from the Soul, before in the title track of their latest album 'Hitchhiking to Byzantium' a floydian atmosphere spreads out.
The result after their 2,5-hour appearance: the crowning end of a fine festival in royal surroundings.
Continuation desirably!"

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