A Few Thank You's

As our little European tour has drawn to a close, there are a few people we'd like to thank. In no particular order;
Brian and Ella - for organising Prog the Castle, a truly magnificent event that just HAS to happen again, and for believing in our band enough to close the event. Without these two lovely people committing to having us on board so early in the piece, the entire tour simply wouldn't have happened. To have also found such great friends in these two lovely people is a bonus. 
To Robin Stein - for ferrying us around Heidelberg with our gear. For helping with translation and trying to sort out cock-ups with our accomodation. For your donation of beer, and for generally being an awesome guy to hang out with. 
To Mike Solo and Tibor Gede for helping with the organisation of the tour and getting gigs booked.
To Mark Darley and Paul Collett simply for being great guys to have a few drinks with, and for traveling such a long way each to see us. This thank you also extends to a number of people who travelled very long distances to come and see us play, you know who you are. This kind of support and dedication means the world to us.
To Danne Hekmango for going above and beyond the job of driving us from Heidelberg to Zoetermeer.
To Jon Patrick for being that rare thing in this industry; a promoter who believes in good music. For sticking with us when unavoidable circumstances would have had most promoters canceling the gig, you have our eternal gratitude. 
To Cliff and Wendy Pearson for organising hire/pickup/drop-off of drums and cymbals in an emergency. For ferrying band members and gear around London and to Heathrow. Also for the continued support and promotion of our band. Your contribution to the continued success of Anubis is immeasurable.
To everyone who came to one of the shows. We've been quite surprised to find out just how dedicated many Anubis fans are. You have bought CD's, travelled great distances, sung along at the gigs, sent messages of support and generally given us a reception that has made us feel welcomed. Your enthusiasm for what we do, has meant so much to us on this trip. We will definitely be back. 
Lastly, to our wives, girlfriends and families; your love and support makes all of this possible.
Thank you all so much. 

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